Some of the tunes that we’re thinking turning into a proper EP

So yeah, we’ve been writing a bunch of our own songs – in all honesty, Dave probably comes up with like 97.3% of the melodies and lyrics and whatnot, but he likes to throw us the occasional bone when he allows us to suggest a chord for a middle eight or permission to hit a cymbal or whatnot.

Please note these recordings are from rehearsal / jam sessions and without a doubt may sound wonky at times or possibly more often than that – but hopefully you might occasionally be able to discern the semblance of a catchy hook amongst the audio rubble we lay here before you.

So without further ado, adieu, achoo or R-2, here do be the tunes – if you want them for keepsies, you can right-click and do a “save as” thing if you’re on a PC. A long-tap on Android should let you too. If you is having the iPhones or a web-enabled smoothie maker or whatever, please feel free to let us know what works for you.

abstraction engine – crossfire
abstraction engine – dreamer
abstraction engine – forever
abstraction engine – if looks could kill
abstraction engine – low
abstraction engine – placeholder
abstraction engine – talk in your sleep
abstraction engine – wayside
abstraction engine – willing slaves

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