We’ve got an album and it’s called AE02!

The AE Hobbits and their stalwart companion the Sound Wizard are nearing the end of a long and heroic journey from Inception through to the Land of Album Release.

Stride forth down many a twisty path they have…strided. From the verdant Rehearsal Pastures and on to the proving grounds of Studio Meadows; down through the lush Valley of Overdubs and finally picking their way carefully through the Magical Forest of Mixing and Fuckery, they are about to slay a dragon, and upload their recordings to the interwebs.

The merry band has already let slip a bit of a pop banger down the Youtubes, but there is still a sackful of lyrical wonder to unleash, and that day is approaching ever faster.

And there will be CDs. And t-shirts.

CDs, t-shirts and badges.

And maybe some stickers. And also a hoodie or two even, if there are enough gold dubloons left over.

Stay tuned to our news outlets, for they are throbbing with excitement.

Shiiine on, you lovers!

Are you mad for Indie? Then you probably already know about the biggest Indie event of the year, every year –

Shiiine On Weekender!

We’ve been making a pilgrimage there for many years and have grooved along to bands ranging from the Sultans of Ping, Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Happy Mondays, Clone Roses, Jesus Jones, Asian Dub Foundation…and many many more. Basically the Who’s Who of 90’s Indie and electronic music. Our musical heroes, in a nutshell.

So it brings us enormous pleasure to announce that we will be actually playing there this year, on Friday 17th 2023. The reality hasn’t set in yet…it’s bonkers! Amazingly, excellently bonkers.

Look – here’s proof, we’re on the poster!

2023 Shiiine On Weekender Line-up

So book your tickets now and set your sights on an absolute banger of a weekend at Butlins!

Shiiine On 2022 – The After Movie
Abstraction Engine – What Would You Say – with footage from….you’ve guessed it!

The Lockdown Sessions are dead! Long Live our new EP, “AE01”

We’ve had an absolutely lush time in the expert care of Mooncalf Studio’s Nick Beere, and our first 4 babies are ready to be nudged out of the nest.

We decided to put Bandcamp in prime position as it seems like one of the more artist-friendly sites to hawk one’s wares – you can listen to (and buy) our full EP here:

Abstraction Engine – AE01 on Bandcamp

Here’s the line-up:

Talk In Your Sleep

What Would You Say?



We appreciate you want to listen your way, so you can also find us on Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify and more!

Abstraction Engine is hard AF

…But not necessarily in the fighty sense.

We’ve been introduced as Abstract Engine, Traction Engine, and “Abst…Abst…Abst…here’s the band.”

And it doesn’t end there. Choosing this name may turn out to be not such a clever idea after all.

Here is what we suspect will end up being rather a full gallery of examples…

Abtraction Engine

25 May 2021 – Lechlade Festival – virtual

Abstracion Engine

16 February 2019 – The Prince of Wales

Absraction Engine

Sat 15 Dec 2018 – 12 Bands of Christmas – The Vic

This was us before it all went nuts

Here’s our gig supporting Talk in Code just before the lockdown kicked in. The soundman did a great job and we had a weird old whale of a time, while everyone started to wonder what the flip was about to happen.

While everyone was starting to contemplate social distancing, our drummer Tom managed to throw one of his sticks at Simon, which possibly contravenes the rules of contact. Proof, if proof be need be.

We had a blast playing the gig and really enjoyed Talking in Code’s set too. Thanks for having us, lads!

At the time of posting this, we ought to have been gearing up to play the beer tent at the unarguably fantastic Lechlade Festival while Alexandra Burke was to be warming up her pipes on the main stage. I know that a lot of our fans would have been torn between which act to see.

We’re really looking forward to the revival of actual humans interacting, but in the meantime, stay safe, stay responsibly distanced, wear masks, and let’s do more than just clap for the NHS. Do your research on the local MP who actually cares about you and register to vote.

A big shout out to David Rose for his gig reviews

We feel kinda famous thanks to a prolific muso blogger who has seen more hot bands than we’ve had live dinners.

Head over to his internet webpage blog extravaganza and subscribe or whatever it is you younguns do in these situations to stay informed, because you will learn something new. Regularly.


Using the site search function, you’ll find the posts which mention us specifically. As a bunch of wannabe narcisists, we do this often.

Hope we bump into you again Mr Rose, and with any luck we’ll warrant some new and interesting adjectives amongst your musical memoirs.

12 Bands of Christmas

We’re doing it again! The bastion of live music, the Vic in Swindon, is holding their annual 12 Bands of Christmas on Saturday 14th December.

They also have acoustic shenanigans going on the night before if jangly guitars and tambourines are your thing.

We don’t know what time we’re playing yet but we’ll probably stick it on Facebook or something.

Event Name: 12 Bands of Christmas
Event Date: 14 December 2019 7:30 Pm – 11:30 pm
Link: https://thevicswindon.com/events/12-bands-of-christmas/

That’s us in the corner…that’s us in the spot…light…
…at least they spelt our name right this time 😀

some of our home-grown songs

It took us a few hours to get the lighting just right, but we managed to successfully hide Tom and his drums rather well at our recording session the other day.

We decided to take a trip back to the 80’s with this one. Grab your Duran Duran t-shirt for “Talk in your sleep”…

Here’s a beefy song we wrote called  Crossfire…

And lastly a sweet little number called Forever…

There’s more where they came from, stayed tuned for updates!