Some of the tunes that we’re thinking turning into a proper EP

So yeah, we’ve been writing a bunch of our own songs – in all honesty, Dave probably comes up with like 97.3% of the melodies and lyrics and whatnot, but he likes to throw us the occasional bone when he allows us to suggest a chord for a middle eight or permission to hit a cymbal or whatnot.

Please note these recordings are from rehearsal / jam sessions and without a doubt may sound wonky at times or possibly more often than that – but hopefully you might occasionally be able to discern the semblance of a catchy hook amongst the audio rubble we lay here before you.

So without further ado, adieu, achoo or R-2, here do be the tunes – if you want them for keepsies, you can right-click and do a “save as” thing if you’re on a PC. A long-tap on Android should let you too. If you is having the iPhones or a web-enabled smoothie maker or whatever, please feel free to let us know what works for you.

abstraction engine – crossfire
abstraction engine – dreamer
abstraction engine – forever
abstraction engine – if looks could kill
abstraction engine – low
abstraction engine – placeholder
abstraction engine – talk in your sleep
abstraction engine – wayside
abstraction engine – willing slaves

A big shout out to David Rose for his gig reviews

We feel kinda famous thanks to a prolific muso blogger who has seen more hot bands than we’ve had live dinners.

Head over to his internet webpage blog extravaganza and subscribe or whatever it is you younguns do in these situations to stay informed, because you will learn something new. Regularly.

Using the site search function, you’ll find the posts which mention us specifically. As a bunch of wannabe narcisists, we do this often.

Hope we bump into you again Mr Rose, and with any luck we’ll warrant some new and interesting adjectives amongst your musical memoirs.

12 Bands of Christmas

We’re doing it again! The bastion of live music, the Vic in Swindon, is holding their annual 12 Bands of Christmas on Saturday 14th December.

They also have acoustic shenanigans going on the night before if jangly guitars and tambourines are your thing.

We don’t know what time we’re playing yet but we’ll probably stick it on Facebook or something.

Event Name: 12 Bands of Christmas
Event Date: 14 December 2019 7:30 Pm – 11:30 pm

That’s us in the corner…that’s us in the spot…light…
…at least they spelt our name right this time 😀

Abstraction Engine is hard AF

…But not necessarily in the fighty sense.

We’ve been introduced as Abstract Engine, Traction Engine, and “Abst…Abst…Abst…here’s the band.”

And it doesn’t end there. Choosing this name may turn out to be not such a clever idea after all.

Here is what we suspect will end up being rather a full gallery of examples…

Absraction Engine

Sat 15 Dec 2018 – 12 Bands of Christmas – The Vic

Abstracion Engine

16 February 2019 – The Prince of Wales

some of our home-grown songs

It took us a few hours to get the lighting just right, but we managed to successfully hide Tom and his drums rather well at our recording session the other day.

We decided to take a trip back to the 80’s with this one. Grab your Duran Duran t-shirt for “Talk in your sleep”…

Here’s a beefy song we wrote called  Crossfire…

And lastly a sweet little number called Forever…

There’s more where they came from, stayed tuned for updates!