We’ve got an album and it’s called AE02!

The AE Hobbits and their stalwart companion the Sound Wizard are nearing the end of a long and heroic journey from Inception through to the Land of Album Release.

Stride forth down many a twisty path they have…strided. From the verdant Rehearsal Pastures and on to the proving grounds of Studio Meadows; down through the lush Valley of Overdubs and finally picking their way carefully through the Magical Forest of Mixing and Fuckery, they are about to slay a dragon, and upload their recordings to the interwebs.

The merry band has already let slip a bit of a pop banger down the Youtubes, but there is still a sackful of lyrical wonder to unleash, and that day is approaching ever faster.

And there will be CDs. And t-shirts.

CDs, t-shirts and badges.

And maybe some stickers. And also a hoodie or two even, if there are enough gold dubloons left over.

Stay tuned to our news outlets, for they are throbbing with excitement.