We’ve got an album and it’s called AE02!

The AE Hobbits and their stalwart companion the Sound Wizard are nearing the end of a long and heroic journey from Inception through to the Land of Album Release.

Stride forth down many a twisty path they have…strided. From the verdant Rehearsal Pastures and on to the proving grounds of Studio Meadows; down through the lush Valley of Overdubs and finally picking their way carefully through the Magical Forest of Mixing and Fuckery, they are about to slay a dragon, and upload their recordings to the interwebs.

The merry band has already let slip a bit of a pop banger down the Youtubes, but there is still a sackful of lyrical wonder to unleash, and that day is approaching ever faster.

And there will be CDs. And t-shirts.

CDs, t-shirts and badges.

And maybe some stickers. And also a hoodie or two even, if there are enough gold dubloons left over.

Stay tuned to our news outlets, for they are throbbing with excitement.

The Lockdown Sessions are dead! Long Live our new EP, “AE01”

We’ve had an absolutely lush time in the expert care of Mooncalf Studio’s Nick Beere, and our first 4 babies are ready to be nudged out of the nest.

We decided to put Bandcamp in prime position as it seems like one of the more artist-friendly sites to hawk one’s wares – you can listen to (and buy) our full EP here:

Abstraction Engine – AE01 on Bandcamp

Here’s the line-up:

Talk In Your Sleep

What Would You Say?



We appreciate you want to listen your way, so you can also find us on Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify and more!